Trail’s End Fitting Services

With a Perfect Bike, Comes a Perfect Rider

Proper Fitting Helps Optimize Performance

The Relationship Between Bike and Body is a Critical Element

The perfect fit goes a long ways. We use a Retül dynamic fit system. We are the only shop in the area to have such a tool to dynamically fit you to optimize the relationship between you and your bike.

Our Process

  • Physical Assessment

    We take specific measurements to gauge your flexibility range, strength, and alignment discrepancies. We use these measurements to better determine your riding style and the functionality of your specific equipment.

  • Bike Measurements

    Bike measurements are done twice in the process, before and after the fit. This process allows us to measure the geometry of the bike. This measurement is saved in the report so you can always access that info when changing your bike in the future!

  • Motion Analysis

    Utilizing LED technology, the dynamic fit is performed while a rider is pedaling. We use this to analyze your form and function to determine what changes need to be made on the bike. Most importantly, we focus on the overall kinesiology.

  • Riding Optimization

    Now that we have all the details about you as a rider, we take it and turn it into translatable data that we can apply to your riding. We take the physical limits of each rider and adjust the bike geometry and rider form to maximize performance and minimize injury.

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